B2B seo Case Study

Content Strategy for B2B Software company brought a 300% increase in organic traffic.

This client is a multi-country SaaS company, specializing in software asset management (SAM) and software license management (SLM) for medium-to-large sized organizations worldwide.

What we saw: over the course of a 3-year period, we saw a 407% increase in ranking keywords, 308% increase in monthly organic visits, and conversions increased from 0 to 71 per month on average.


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Increase in Ranking Keywords
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Increase in Page 1 Keywords
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increase in organic Visits

The Situation

Before this client asked Consilium to take on their ongoing SEO efforts, they had pretty good brand recognition within the SAM industry and their website already ranked for 676 keywords, 43 of which were on the first results page in Google. Traffic was averaging 3,670 visits per month from organic search, most of which was from branded search terms, though they weren’t getting many leads and struggled to rank for higher-funnel themes.

This client wanted to fill in earlier stages of the customer journey and generate more traffic and leads overall. We knew there was a big opportunity here to attain the organic visibility they wanted through the development of content.

Our Process

As with all our projects, the first thing we did was dive into industry research, understanding how people perceived and talked about the products within this SaaS niche, and helped this client position their content and service offerings in a way that capitalized on how people were searching.

To strategically position the content, we started with an inventory of all the site’s content and identified some gaps where we could expand the high-funnel educational content, a huge factor in the increase in organic traffic. This led to the creation of several key pieces of pillar content on SAM and SLM—comprehensive pages that were more complete and better than anything out there.

Alongside the creation of new content, we wanted to fully optimize all the existing content they had, and systematically went through the key pages, focusing on a single key theme to target with each page, and a strategic plan of how we would improve rankings for that keyword. Through continual monitoring and, as needed, updates, we have seen incredible results over the last 3 years.

Several other highlights:

  • We updated URLs to be more SEO-friendly and successfully migrated nearly the whole site to new URLs without losing SEO performance
  • In addition to the consumer-focused SEO efforts, there were several international SEO instances where inexplicably Google started showing Japanese results for English queries, deterring visits and damaging rankings. We were able to get to the bottom of what was happening and provide a solution to the international teams to implement.
  • Through A/B testing, we were able to pinpoint small changes to improve conversion rates on key pages, going from a 0.45% to 3.23% conversion rate — a 6x increase. 

The Results

Year 1

After one year of ongoing SEO efforts, we saw a 26.9% increase in organic traffic. The site ranked for 1,426 keywords (111% increase), including 91 on page one (112% increase). Conversions rose from 0 to 20 per month on average.

Year 2

The site ranked for 3,211 keywords (375% increase), including 252 on page one (486% increase). Organic sessions were up 1,186%, bringing in 28K monthly visitors, and conversions rose from 20 to 114 per month on average. These significant increases were due to a viral blog post.

Year 3

At the 3-year mark, the heightened activity from the viral blog post had evened out and now the site ranks currently for 3,428 keywords (407% increase), including 388 on page one (802% increase). They now rank #1 organically for the two most important head terms in their industry: “software asset management” and “software license management.” Dozens of other important terms went from being unranked to ranking on page one of search engine results pages (SERPs).

We are now at a 308% overall increase in organic visits to the site, averaging over 9,000 monthly organic visitors. Conversions are also up exponentially, with zero recorded conversions in the 3 months prior to our partnering with the agency, and currently netting about 71 organic goal completions per month.

The site’s domain has also experienced a significant increase in authority, going from a Domain Authority (NOTE: this is not a metric used by Google, but acknowledged within the SEO industry as a measure of a site’s ability to rank) score of 32 at project start to now sitting at a 37.

Linking domains sending traffic and authority signals to our client’s site have also increased 250%, from 246 domains to 1,600 domains bringing in 22,000 inbound links, as a direct result of high-quality, shareable content.

This client and site continues to see positive organic growth in traffic, ranking and authority. 

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