B2B seo Case Study

SEO Strategy for IT and data security company brought a 404% increase in organic conversions.

This client is a national data compliance company in a highly competitive industry. The company provides cloud, hosting and business continuity services for medium-to-large sized organizations worldwide, as well as colocation services in their 5 data centers across the US. 

What we saw: after rebuilding the site and prioritizing SEO for a year, we saw a 147% increase in ranking keywords, a 404% increase in conversions, and a 103% increase in monthly organic visits.


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Increase in Search Visibility
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Increase in Conversions
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increase in organic Visits

The Situation

Before this client asked Consilium to take on their ongoing SEO efforts, they had a trusted brand in the industry, but a website with stagnant growth and a sales team that needed additional leads. Their site ranked fairly well and brought in decent traffic at an average of 1,250 organic visits per month, however, very few visitors converted (about 5 per month). They wanted to grow their rankings for relevant terms, improve their presence in the 5 cities with a physical data center, and increase the number of organic leads.

Our Process

We knew this client was in a highly competitive industry, with many competitors and more arriving to the scene each year. Additionally, many of these competitors had more authoritative websites and were far ahead of them in organic visibility. To improve their organic presence, we knew we needed to rebuild the site with an emphasis on calls-to-action, UX, a clean technical foundation, and highly-focused in-depth content.

After site launch, we saw an immediate lift in conversions, with traffic and rankings following. We continued our SEO efforts to optimize existing content, improve UX, and build site authority trust signals.

Because of this company’s unique business model, we not only focused on improving rankings for national key terms, but also zeroed in on the 5 local markets served by the company’s physical data centers. We created location-specific content aimed at capturing geographic search interest.

The Results

After one and a half years of ongoing SEO efforts after the site overhaul, we saw a 103% increase in organic traffic, with an average of 2,600 visits per month. 

Before our efforts, the site ranked for a total of 1,393 keywords, with 54 ranking on page one of search results. Now, the site ranks for 3,439 keywords, with 231 ranking on page one — a 328% increase for page one ranking terms. 

The improved organic visibility for relevant terms has not only brought in more visitors, but our conversion rate optimization on the site has converted those visitors at a much higher rate, improving organic conversions by 404% to an average of 22 per month. 

With the specific geographic locations, search visibility has improved dramatically. All 5 locations rank on page 1 for the main key head term “[city] colocation,” and 4 out of the 5 locations rank in the top 3 positions. 

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