B2B seo Case Study

SEO for private investment fund brought in $450K in investment dollars in 1.5 years.

This client is a private investment fund for accredited investors, specializing in purchasing and managing mortgage notes. 

What we saw: over the course of a 1.5 years, we saw a 148% increase in traffic, a 758% increase in conversions, and over $450,000 of investment dollars brought in from organic search. 

1 %
Increase in Conversion Rate
1 %
Increase in Organic Traffic
$ 1
Investment Dollars Raised

The Situation

Before this fund asked Consilium to take on their ongoing SEO efforts, they were operating in a private manner, open only to friends and family. We partnered with them when they were ready to take the investment fund to the public and build relationships with new investors. While they had an incredible track record and significant benefits for investors, they had zero online presence. 

We knew that this particular project had several challenges. First, private alternative investments are a relatively unknown investment class to the average investor (as most retirement account and financial advisors stick to publicly traded investments in the stock market), and we would have to educate our potential investors to sell them on the benefits. Secondly, as a fund without a longstanding reputation, we needed to build trust with website visitors and ensure they were comfortable enough to entrust this fund with their hard-earned cash.

Our Process

As we were essentially starting from scratch with a new website and very little visibility, we knew we needed to start to build the site authority and begin ranking for some attainable terms right away. After doing keyword research, we identified a list of terms our blog and page content would target that were a) relevant, b) had a low difficulty score for ranking, and c) had a high organic click-through rate. With this list, we began writing long-form, exhaustive content. Shortly, we were ranking on page 1 for our targeted terms. 

These top-of-funnel, educational articles, brought in visitors and then we used other channels (webinars and automated email drip campaigns) to continue the educational process over time.  

We prominently featured testimonials from investors and historical track record numbers to build credibility. 

The Results

After 1.5 years of ongoing SEO efforts, we saw 148% increase in organic traffic. 

While traffic increased 2.5x, conversions rose more than 8x through careful targeting to bring in the right visitors and the addition of many prominent and easy points of conversion. Overall, organic goal completions went from an average of 2 per month to 17 per month, improving our organic conversion rate from 1.15% to 4.00%. 

This client and site continues to see positive organic growth in traffic, ranking and authority. 

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