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con·sil·i·um  |  Definition: strategy, counsel, wisdom, plan, purpose

We Focus On What Matters: ROI

Within the marketing world there can be a lack of transparency about what goes into SEO and what metrics actually matter. We only focus on metrics that bring real impact and we tell you everything you need to care about, plainly.

We Are Nimble & Efficient

Most agencies have many layers of personnel, meaning too much time can be spent in needless meetings and not enough on execution. Conversely, our team is small and nimble and focused on efficiency with every task.

We Are Team Players

A lot of the time, agencies don’t play well with others. We’re different. We’re happy to plug into whatever system you already have, adding to the overall team effort to drive goals forward. Because we know that if you win, ultimately we do too.

How Consilium is Different

A word from our founder

I started Consilium about 6 years ago, in my free time while working my day job as an SEO analyst for a marketing agency focusing mostly on Fortune 500 brands.

After several years there, I had fallen in love with SEO, but was fed up with agency life. I was frustrated it would take so long to get things done and be hard to show real ROI for our clients. I wanted something different. I wanted to pick who I worked with, partnering with brands that were hungry to grow and believed in the power of testing things and improving as you go. Rockstar companies in the making.

With Consilium, the goal was always to be different than other options out there: no fluff, focused on execution, team players. 

When it comes to choosing who you want to partner with to entrust your brand to, it can feel overwhelming. We get it. But if the above benefits or our case studies don’t convince you to give us a shot, schedule a call with us to talk about your goals, questions or concerns. 


The Team

Our expert team

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